Sunday, November 15, 2009

Amazing Masaimara

Last month my friend and ex-colleague ,Mrs.Gopa Nag wrote a mail to me saying she is visiting Kenya in October.I requested her to postpone the trip as i was planning to go to India during this period.But both of us couldn't change our program  due to various reasons.

After her Kenya trip ,she wrote to me----
''we enjoyed d trip very very much.......before this we went to Bangkok ,Singapore,Mauritius,Dubai,Egypt.But  this is our most remarkable trip''....

She attached few snaps  with  the mail .All the snaps are awesome..

All the photos in this post are taken by her during her visit to Masai Mara   national park    [in Kenya]


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Elephant Orphanage n Giraffe Center

Elephant Orphanage is the place i love to visit as it gives me immense pleasure.Its only 20-30min drive from Nairobi city[Kenyas capital].In Elephant Orphanage , orphan baby elephants are taken care and when they are old enough to survive they are left in the forest--Its amusing to see them drinking milk from bottles,playing foot ball , taking mud bath and interacting with their caretakers.


Giraffe center is another attraction in Nairobi.This is the only place where you can feed  Giraffes from your palm.We can stand on a platform and feed them with pellets of cattlefood.Giraffes come from the forests to get this tasty meal.Its a pleasure to feed them.